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Our Horses

Horses are master communicators. They need to be to live in a herd. Horses know each others' strengths and weaknesses, how to stay safe together, where to graze, even what behaviour is tolerated by other members of the herd. It is a complex dance full of nuance, but when understood and interpreted, has so much to teach us. That is what makes horses such great teachers and effective partners in working on mental and emotional well being. We can learn from them how to navigate challenging emotional experiences and thereby:

* develop emotional self awareness

* build confidence

* enhance social skills

* create trust and empathy

* establish problem solving skills

* learn impulse control

* cultivate responsibility

* and so much more


Horses are an especially suited partner in the therapeutic process. Like all animals, they are unbiased and non-judgemental, providing an emotionally safe experience to express intimate thoughts and emotions. As keen observers they are very sensitive to emotion and movement and will mirror back what they are experiencing with us. Their feedback provides opportunities for greater self awareness and understanding.

Our herd is also very specially suited for this work, as they are part of an original wild herd. Therefore they have never unlearned their unique way of communicating and can show us what being a horse really looks and feels like.


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