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Horse assisted therapy, also referred to as equine assisted therapy, and horse assisted life coaching is an approach based on experiential learning, using all our senses. People engage in activities such as observing, grooming, feeding and leading a horse while being supported and guided by a mental health professional. It reaches people of all ages in a way that is inherently different from a traditional therapy office set up. Horse assisted therapy can also be integrated into a collaborative care plan with other mental health professionals.


Research has shown that horse assisted therapy is effective in helping to manage several conditions including:

* anxiety of all types


* depression

* addiction


* autism

But it is certainly not limited to people with a diagnosis. Life can be stressful and we can all benefit from the gentle support and perspective that only horses offer.

Horse assisted education is an effective way for participants to develop communication skills, build team work, collaboration and trust through genuine leadership that horses are uniquely gifted with. Most often used in group settings, a set of goals are integrated into exercises with horses who provide immediate and honest feedback. When facilitated by an educational professional, participants come away with insights into both themselves and group dynamics. Experiential learning hands on with horses impacts feelings and emotions as well which ensures a higher level of retention making it a very valuable activity.

Individual Sessions

We get to know you as a person and from there sessions are structured around your situation and needs. You might work with the same horse for awhile. You might also spend time with our whole herd. Sometimes people change which horse they work with depending on your progress and what a particular horse has to offer.



Group Sessions

We do workshops for groups of all kinds, from leadership teams in the business world to church or youth groups, to people recovering from addiction to survivors of abuse.


Rates vary depending on group size and duration of the workshop. For example, a group of up to 8 people for two hours starts at $600.

At SPARK, we intend to make our services available to all community members who seek healing and wholeness, whether that be mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. We believe that access to critical health services should not be impaired by one’s finances. Therefore, SPARK’s fee structure allows some flexibility for our clients. If you would like to be considered for financial assistance, simply click on the button below and answer three easy questions. Our Executive Director will be in touch to talk about your situation and make a determination of your eligibility.

Financial Assistance Is Available

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