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"Annika’s warmth and lots of laughter were so good for our daughter. Every morning she would wake up and her first question was when she was going back to riding. Even after a short time, she seemed much more content and balanced. She finally had something to really look forward to. Not long after they started, it was easy for her to say goodbye to me and stay by herself with Annika and the horses. That experience meant much to me and to her. She took over responsibilities and Annika showed her how important it is to be patient and encouraged her to try again when things didn’t work out the first time. She was incredibly proud when she did manage. When she is with horses, our daughter is courageous and helpful and thanks to Annika’s encouragement, that really strengthened her self-confidence.”

Tanya K.

"When we first met Annika, my daughter had already experienced a long row of therapists over many years. Until then, none of them had managed to reach through to her in a sustainable fashion. Annika didn't look at the diagnosis she only looked at the person and managed to build real trust. If the conflicts at home were becoming too big for us to deal with, they worked out possibilities together to enable my daughter to communicate with me. Throughout, Annika has been a loyal presence for my daughter. With no other therapist, the sincere interest in my child, the intent to help and to strengthen her sustainably has been as intense as with Annika. We are deeply thankful!"

Karen S.

"I never would have thought being around horses could relate to our work so much but they do and it has definitely opened my eyes to exploring more ways to be meaningful and mindful in my personal life and with work."

John M., part of the Frontline Hero Fundraiser

Annika is very well organized when it comes to her workshops. The atmosphere with her and the horses is calm, open and inviting. The program was structured very well – each activity that we did built on the previous and ultimately concluded in an activity that put our new skills to the test. As a university student, I am constantly reminded about mindfulness from every aspect including professors, guidance counsellors and advisors, peers and parents. Through Annika’s workshop I was able to “practice what they preached” and seeing mindfulness reflected in an entirely different species so independently really solidified everything for me. The horses provided the ultimate lesson in mindfulness and it was truly special to be able to spend the time to create connections with them and to have them teach me how to be more mindful as well. The horses help you to become more aware of not just your surroundings but yourself and your inner energy. Annika really knows her horses, their lifestyles and their behaviors and is therefore able to effectively apply everything to the workshop activities. I came away from the workshop extremely calm and satisfied. Annika knows how to tailor the experience so that her clients get the most out of the workshop. I look forward to putting the skills and knowledge I have developed through Annika’s workshop to use in every aspect of my life.

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